It's the Year of the Retail Basket


2017 marks the kick off of Protect-A-Bed’s “Grow the Retail Basket”, an aggressive marketing and support campaign designed to help retailers increase revenue through improving an often under-focused area of the business: Top-of-bed accessories.

Through interactive displays and demonstrations we'll bring “Grow the Basket” to life in our New York Market Center showroom. Schedule an appointment to meet James Bell, CEO, and John Rachid, President of Protect-A-Bed.

Protect-A-Bed Las Vegas Showroom

World Market Center Las Vegas
475 S Grand Central Parkway, Building C
Suite B900

Conveniently located off the 9th Floor main elevators in the World Market Center, Building C, enjoy 9,000 sq. ft of luxurious, best-in-class bedding accessories and cutting-edge sleep technology. Our showroom also includes three private conference rooms, three lounge areas for customers to relax, and a full-service bar.

Visit Protect-A-Bed in New York

230 5th Avenue, Suite 916

Conveniently located on the 9th floor of the New York Market Center in Manhattan, NY, Protect-A-Bed offers luxurious, best-in-class bedding accessories and cutting-edge sleep technology.

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