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Unveiling the new REM-Fit line

Are you an active athlete, avid runner, sports enthusiast or busy mom? If so, then you probably know all too well that you can train and eat well all day long, but if you don't get enough sleep, you won't reach your fitness goals. Quality sleep provides energy, prevents injury and helps you stay motivated to live a healthy life

No one understands this better than we do. And to help active bodies sleep well, stay motivated and reach fitness goals, Protect-A-Bed is unveiling a new line of active lifestyle bedding and accessories as part of their REM-Fit brand.

REM-Fit, which stands for REST, ENERGIZE and MOTIVATE, is a collection of bedding and fitness tools designed for the healthy lifestyle. It helps active individuals recover from exercise to reach fitness goals and improve overall wellbeing.

The new REM-Fit line will offer an expanded line of REST and ENERGIZE Collections. Both collections feature mattress and pillow protectors, and pillows with innovative technologies that regulate body temperature during sleep and protect against allergens and dust mites to offer a clean, healthy sleep.

In addition to bedding and pillows, REM-Fit's latest innovation - the REM-Fit Active Sleep and Activity tracker - will help keep you motivated to exercise, sleep and reach health goals.

The Active, which is part of the MOTIVATE collection, lets you monitor your movement, fitness and sleep throughout the day. Through the accompanying mobile app, it connects you with others using the Active. It tracks:

  • ActivePoints,
  • SleepPoints,
  • Daily steps,
  • Distance walked,
  • Calories burned, and
  • Social Networks

To provide an overall fitness and wellness measure, the device gives you "ActivePoints"and "Sleep Points" throughout the day and sums your points together to give you an overall "REM 360 Life Score."

To join in the REM-Fit fun, visit or like the line on Facebook and follow the Twitter account for healthy living tips.

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    greer, SC

    Sunday, February 1, 2015

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