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Potty Training Trouble? Tips from Dr. Heather Wittenberg and Pull-Ups

A recent article on featured potty training tips from Dr. Heather Wittenberg and Pull-Ups. These were created from questions posted to Pull-Ups Facebook page by real parents.

Backsliding (dry for weeks and then starts to show regression), when you know it’s time to start potty training, how to potty train twins, rewards, special needs, stubborn 3-year-olds and preparing for school during the process are all topics of discussion in the full article.


To protect children’s beds at night during potty training consider products from Protect-A-Bed, such as crib protectors, mattress pads and encasements, all of which are stain and waterproof. Protect-A-Bed even offers a Potty Training Protection Kit to prevent stains and reduce the amount of clean up time and embarrassment associated with bedwetting.


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