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Lack of Zzzz's May Lead to Diabetes

Sometimes sleep is the last thing on our minds, with family, work, soccer games and car pools consuming the majority of the day. But if your day starts with a groggy grunt and you end it as a collapsed heap on the bed, your sleep style may be worth rethinking.

According to a recent article about a sleep study through Boston's Brigham and Women's Hospital, lack of sleep affects habitual activities, including what we eat, which can lead to diabetes and other health issues. Our blood sugar levels can alter our sleep cycles, and after disrupted and irregular sleep patterns, the blood sugar levels in the body fluctuate… for the worse. Through this process, the body has the ability to set itself up as a prime candidate for diabetes.

Lack of quality sleep (less than five hours in this study) contributed to poor diet and health choices. Deciding to take a walk after work and saying to the drive-thru is hard to do when you’re tired. But the decisions over time contribute to warding off the threat of Type2 diabetes.

Make sleep a priority to enhance your quality of life!

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