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Snoring Solutions To Save Your Sanity

Snoring affects almost 90 million American adults and 37 million adults on a regular basis. Snoring doesn’t just affect the snorer, but also the snorer’s partner. In fact, people who sleep next to a snorer are reported to have higher levels of fatigue and sleepiness and may even be at higher risk for hearing loss.

Bottom line: sleeping with someone who snores is annoying, makes you lose sleep (i.e., become grouchy) and is borderline unhealthy. So how does one sleep with a snorer? We’ve compiled a few snoring solutions to help you sleep and save your sanity.

  1. Muffle the noise. Invest in a pair of earplugs to muffle the noise. Earplugs have proven to be a simple and effective snoring solution for those who sleep with a snorer. If earplugs aren’t a feasible option or you’re just not a fan, try to find a source of white noise, like a fan or a white noise app, to help drown out the snoring.

  2. Roll them. Snoring is usually the most frequent when sleeping on the back. So if you wake up to your partner snoring and they’re sleeping on their back – try rolling them on their side.

  3. Change your pillows. Allergens or dust mites on your pillow may contribute to your partner’s snoring. Consider washing or replacing your pillows, which should be swapped out every two years. The AllerZip Smooth Pillow Protector can also help as it’s designed for allergy sufferers to provide a protective barrier against dust mites, bacteria and other allergens.

  4. Sleep separately. And if all else fails and the snoring continues to bother you, consider sleeping separately a few nights out of the week so that you’re getting enough rest too.


Interested in more snoring solutions to save your sanity? Share these seven tips to stop snoring with your loved one.

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