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New At-Home Kit Checks for Top 10 Allergies

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) recently cleared MyAllergyTest, an at-home test that checks for allergies that include Bermuda grass, cat, cedar, egg white, house dust mites, milk, mold, ragweed, Timothy grass and wheat.

To use the new kit, users can prick their finger to collect a few blood samples, which is then mailed to the company in a special vile. Users receive results by mail or a confidential website. The results also include a personalized MyAllergyPlan report which includes things to avoid, helping manage the allergies.

Several USA Today staff tried the test and shared their results. Visit to find out what they thought.

Allergies can lead to a number of uncomfortable symptoms. Surprisingly, lack of sleep is one of these. Allergic rhinitis occurs when allergens are inhaled by someone who is allergic to them. This irritates and inflames the nasal passages. The National Sleep Foundation states that “these symptoms can lead to poor sleep, which can result in significant daytime sleepiness and fatigue.”

For more information on how sleep can be disrupted by allergies, visit

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