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Experts share tips on catching extra sleep

The dog, electronics and late night television shows are all things that can keep many people up through the night. Creating a healthy bedroom environment is important for avoiding these distractions.

“I think one of the biggest problems people have is that their mind races,” said Dr. John Eickhold, a sleep expert with Mid-Ohio Sleep Services and OhioHealth Sleep Services, in a Columbus Dispatch article.

Here are some tips from the experts on creating the perfect sleep environment:

  1. Keep it quiet – Turn off your TV, cell phones, iPad, etc. White-noise machines or fans can help soothe you to sleep.
  2. Find Fido his own bed – Restless animals can wake you for a number of reasons at night. Also, couples often have problems agreeing on pet sleeping arrangements. “Sometimes, one partner is just putting up with it and not sleeping,” said Dr. James Fulop, medical director of OhioHealth Sleep Services.
  3. Keep it dark – Natural light helps regulate our biological clock. Keeping your room as dark as possible can help you get better sleep.
  4. Exercise can help – “Good, intense exercise [earlier in the day] will induce a deeper sleep,” said Fulop. “Not only will you be more refreshed (the next morning), but more satisfied because you don’t have all these little awakenings.”
  5. Make it routine – Help set your natural clock by going to bed and waking up around the same time every day. (THIS MEANS ON WEEKENDS TOO!)
  6. Ease into bedtime – Be sure to let yourself unwind after a long day at work. Deep breathing and mental exercises can relax body and mind and help you doze off to sleep.

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