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Slumber Party Packing List For Your Child’s Upcoming Sleepovers

Whether it’s your child’s very first sleepover or not, preparing for a slumber party can often be a stressful time for both parent and child. While you can’t control the night’s events or whether or not they’ll go to bed on time, you can make sure your child has everything he or she needs for the next 15 or so hours. Here’s a slumber party packing list for your child’s upcoming sleepovers that will keep them from forgetting the essentials and help you limit worry.

  • Sleeping bag or blankets. A comfortable sleeping bag is a must as your child will most likely be sleeping on the floor. If you don’t have a sleeping bag, cozy blankets from home work just as well.

  • Pillow. There may be a shortage of pillows at the host house, so make sure to pack their favorite pillow from home. Bringing a pillow from home may also help your child sleep more comfortably in a place they’re unaccustomed to. The Premium Pillow Protector is ideal for overnight stays as it’s transportable and easily slips over their pillow providing a soft and pleasant night’s rest.

  • Comfy Pajamas. You’d be surprised how often these are forgotten, so make sure your child’s favorite fun pair of pajamas are packed and ready to go.

  • Change of clothes. Clothes for your child to wear the next morning, including a clean shirt, pants, socks and underwear, are also important necessities.

  • Toiletry bag. Toiletries, including toothpaste and toothbrush, are another essential on your child’s slumber party packing list.

  • Stuffed animal or blankie. A stuffed animal, blankie or other personal object from home can help comfort your child and ease the feeling of being away from home if they tend to get a little homesick.

  • Phone number. In case of any trouble, make sure you leave your phone number with the host parent so they know how to get a hold of you if something is needed.

  • Sleepover bag or tote. Now make sure you pack up all of the items on your child’s slumber party packing list in a small to medium sized sleepover bag or tote to keep everything organized and in place.

Still not sure what your child needs to bring? When it doubt, give the host parents a call and ask what is needed.

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