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Small Changes to Your Home Can Lead to Big Gains in Sleep

Small home improvements can lead to improved sleep. Fox News shared a list of several things to consider for a healthy sleep zone:


Dark Cool Rooms

Sunlight can be blocked out of the bedroom by blackout curtains or other heavy fabric curtains. These also can add a layer of thermal insulation, keeping the room cool in the summer and warm in the winter.

Maintaining a cool temperature in the bedroom is also a key to a good night’s sleep. Studies ( have shown that people sleep better in cooler rooms (60 to 68 degrees).


Optimize Comfort

Replacing an old mattress may be an option for some, but adding a memory foam pad or mattress pad is also a more affordable option.

Replacing old pillows can help improve sleep as well. The polyester stuffing in most traditional pillows flattens out and causes the pillow to lose its shape and firmness after one year.

Protect-A-Bed now offers a Luxury Sleep line ( that uses Eucalyptus based fiber to create a thermo-regulating sleep zone. This revolutionary fiber helps keep the bed warm in the winter and cool in the summer while protecting sensitive skin from dust mites and allergens.



If noisy neighbors are a problem, making small changes can help cut back on the clamor. Replacing old single-pane windows can help block out noise from outside. Also, adding a layer of carpet or throw rugs can create a barrier between you and neighbors. White noise machines ( can also drown out noise. These create a soothing hum of neutral white noise.

For more tips on obtaining more sleep, visit Fox News’ website (

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