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Training the Bladder to Avoiding Incontinence

According to, about 25 million Americans experience incontinence. It's a subject that many avoid talking about.

Women are particularly plagued with this issue. shared a list of things one can do to avoid incontinence, through bladder training.

  1. Watch your liquid intake.
  2. Log trips to the bathroom in a "voiding diary."
  3. Time your trips to the restroom.
  4. Increase the time between trips.
  5. Wait five minutes, even if you feel the urge to go before the scheduled time.
  6. Be patient, it could take up to three months to reach bladder training goals.
  7. Practice Kegel exercises.
  8. Consider biofeedback, which involves a device placed inside the body that monitors pelvic muscle activity.
  9. Try electrostimulation, a stimulation of muscles of the pelvic floor and bladder with electric impulses.
  10. Gather some support from a professional, to avoid slacking off.
  11. Special weights can help ensure you work the right muscles during Kegels.

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