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Are We All Werewolves? Sleep Research Says Yes.


Most of us grew up hearing the legend that when a full moon is out so are the werewolves, but what if werewolves aren’t the only ones restless when the moon’s out in force?

According to the International Business Times, researchers found that people sleep nearly 20 minutes less than normal when a full moon is present. Could it be a coincidence? Or are our brains telling us that something strange is happening?

Now is the time to test it out. This Saturday, July 12, is the next full moon. Try to monitor how long you sleep and find out if the study is correct.

If you don’t want to lose your 20 minutes of sleep you can also look to these three sleep resources on our Healthy Sleep Zone blog:

Simple solutions like a quality pillow can also help good, quality sleep become a nightly habit, even during a full moon.

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