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Study Finds Children Raised in Rural Areas are Less Likely to Develop Allergies

A new study from the University of Helsinki in Finland reveled people who grow up in more rural environments are less likely to develop environmental allergies.

“We are proposing that contact of people, particularly children, with the natural environment and biodiversity could be really important for the development of the immune system,” said IIkka Hanski, an ecologist at the university and lead author of the study.

The study showed that allergies were tied to the amount of forest and agricultural land, the lower the likelihood of developing allergies. The full article is available on (

In an article on (, they address how both children and adults experience allergy-induced fatigue. Those suffering from allergies can actually experience fragmented sleep instead of continuous sleep. To protect your sleep zone from allergens, wash your sheets regularly and protect your bedding with pillow and mattress encasements.

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