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Start 2013 with a Resolution for Sleep

Dr. Robert Oexman, director of the Sleep to Live Institute, shared on Huffington Post why the beginning of 2013 is a great time to start better sleep habits:

  • Holiday social activities subside and we begin to stay at home more.
  • Shorter days (in the absence of daylight savings) lead us to do less outdoors, which would normally keep us up later than usual.
  • As the dark draws in earlier, we begin to get sleepier earlier in the day (making it easier for us to go to sleep at night).
  • The increased darkness also helps our bodies create more melatonin naturally, making us more tired than usual.
  • The later sunrise lets us catch a little more sleep every morning, and avoid the sun’s rays for a few more hours.

Dr. Oexman also goes on to share tips on how the whole family can create better sleep habits together for 2013. For a list of these tips, visit


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