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How to Improve Exercise Performance

Do you want to exercise better? Get more sleep. Would you like to sleep better? Increase your exercise.

As celebrity CrossFit athlete Camille Leblanc-Bazinet can attest, sleep is an important part of her daily training. And, with the title of 2013’s sixth fittest woman in the world under her belt, it’s obvious this dedication to sleep pays off.

Recently, Leblanc-Bazinet teamed up with Protect-A-Bed on its new product line REM-Fit to educate fitness-focused consumers on the need for quality sleep. Hear Leblanc-Bazinet share why sleep is a necessity in the following REM-Fit Athlete Profile:

To learn more about REM-Fit and how you can improve your sleep, “like” the Facebook page, follow the line on Twitter or visit Protect-A-Bed’s website.


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