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Tips for Avoiding Allergies this Gardening Season

The early Spring has created a lot of trouble for people with allergies. Fox News provided 15 tips for allergy-friendly gardening ( Here are our favorite five, for gardening enthusiasts to stay healthy outdoors (and in your sleep zone):

  1. Avoid allergy prone plants such as: azalea, begonia, orchid, periwinkle, bulbs (tulip, iris, poppy and daffodil) and more.
  2. Keep grass cut short and flower beds weed free (weeds can aggravate spring allergies).
  3. Avoid touching your face while gardening, this can transfer pollens to the eyes and nose.
  4. Wear a wide brimmed hat to reduce air borne pollens from landing in your hair.
  5. Wash up when you’re finished – Avoid hair gels, as pollens will cling to them. Wash your face and hair thoroughly to prevent bringing pollens to your pillow and sheets.

Ensuring that seasonal allergens stay out of your sleep zone is vital to a good night’s sleep. Washing yourself thoroughly and protecting your pillow with a pillow protector ( can help. Protect-A-Bed offers a variety of pillow protectors to keep your sleep zone free of harmful allergens. Visit the Protect-A-Bed website ( for more information on products.

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