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Top Allergy Mistakes

Good Morning America’s Pollen Report shared the top 12 worst allergy mistakes people make. The full slide show can be found at, but here’s a quick list:

  1. Leaving windows open
  2. Ignoring pollen counts
  3. Exercising at the wrong time of day
  4. Undermining the air purifier
  5. Holding onto an expired EpiPen
  6. Letting the home become cluttered
  7. Ignoring allergy symptoms
  8. Keeping old down comforters
  9. Sleeping with a pet
  10. Owning hypoallergenic pets
  11. Thinking birds are okay

Making sure the bedroom is allergen free is a key ingredient to battling spring allergies. Vacuuming often, washing bedding in hot water and using a mattress encasement can cut back on exposure to these allergens.

Protect-A-Bed offers a variety of products for those suffering from allergies. The company’s AllerZip mattress protector creates a barrier for dust mites and protects against allergens such as pet dander and pollen. For more information on Protect-A-Bed products, visit

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