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New Parents Have Plenty of Things with Which to Concern Themselves

New parents have plenty of things with which to concern themselves, but one of the biggest challenges is potty training. No parent wants to do it again, especially after training is complete, so Nicole Pelletiere of ( offered some tips on dealing with potty regression (when your child begins having accidents after they are potty trained).

She spoke with Ashley Hickey, owner of Successful Potty Training (, who suggested that providing your child with a motivation for using the potty to reverse the “no longer interested in the potty” phase. Using enforcers, such as candy or a favorite snack, can help reinforce consistency in potty training.

Hickey also suggested having your child help clean up the mess after an accident, which helps them identify that having an accident is, in fact, a mistake that is not supposed to happen.

To help keep your child’s bed ( or crib ( dry at night, consider using a mattress protector, like the ones Protect-A-Bed offers. Below is a video on how you can create “bedding lasagna” to ensure a dry sleep zone for your child.

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