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Better Sleep Council Examines Couples

A recent survey completed by the Better Sleep Council (BSC) found that many U.S. couples face a variety of sleep issues.

“Most people would agree that a lack of sleep can cause grumpiness and irritability, but the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention went so far as to declare insufficient sleep ‘a public health epidemic,’” said Karin Mahoney, director of communications for the BSC, in an article on “That’s a powerful statement, and one we felt was worth examining further. Our survey clearly demonstrates that couples often face obstacles to getting better sleep, and that can add stress to the relationship.”

In the survey, 13 percent of couples say they “spoon” or cuddle close the whole night through, while 63 percent prefer to sleep without touching their partner. Nearly one in 10 couples reported sleeping in different rooms.

More results from the survey can be found in the article on

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