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New study finds possible link between sleep apnea and overactive bladder

During the recent European Respiratory Society (ERS) Annual Congress in Vienna, findings from a new study were shared that linked overactive bladder syndrome to sleep apnea in women.

“Overactive bladder has a prevalence of 16 percent among people over 40 years in Europe and it is a difficult condition to live with, affecting a person’s quality of life,” said lead study author, Nuria Grau from Hospital del Mar in a press release. “The findings of this study provide evidence that bladder control could be linked to sleep apnea, although we do not know whether one of the conditions causes the other.”

During the study, 72 female patients were asked to complete a questionnaire regarding four different symptoms related to bladder control (incontinence, frequency of urination, urgency, and nocturia). Participants diagnosed with sleep apnea also had higher scores related to discomfort and symptoms regarding bladder control.

For more regarding this study, visit for the full story.

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