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Ambien risky as daily sleep aid

Using Ambien to get your daily dose of sleep? If so, you’re not alone - 43 million scripts for the drug were written in 2012 alone. But Ambien may cause serious health problems, especially in women, reports SELF magazine. SELF’s reporters looked at a study by the Scripps Clinic Viterbi Family Sleep Center in San Diego.

First, the drug dampens brain activity, causing you to become so tired you won’t realize you’re sleep walking, sleep eating or - more startling - sleep driving, which has been reported by some Ambien users.

SELF also reports that in a study comparing 10,000 users of sleeping pills like zolpidem to nonusers, pill takers were up to 35 percent more likely to develop some type of cancer, including lymphoma and lung cancer.

Women are also at higher risk for health problems from Ambien, but experts are unclear why. One study found that the morning after taking it, some women were so groggy that their driving was worse than if they had been legally drunk.

If you’d rather have a more natural sleep aid, visit Protect-A-Bed’s Pinterest “Sleep Inducers” board that features tried and true tips for a good night’s sleep.

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