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New Study Links Child Behavior to Sleep

A recent study lead by author Reut Gruber, director of the Attention Behavior and Sleep Lab at the Douglas Research Center in Quebec, Canada, explored the correlation between the behavior of elementary school children and the amount of sleep they get.

With the permission of parents, Gruber and his team enrolled 34 healthy students with no history of sleep problems, or behavioral or academic issues, ages 7 to 11, in the study. During the school week, half of the children were put to bed earlier than normal (about 27 minutes more a night), while the other half stayed up past their bedtime (about 54 minutes less sleep than normal).

Teachers, unaware of who was receiving more or less sleep, reported sleep-deprived students not only seemed overly tired, but also appeared impulsive and irritable.

For more on the study, take a look at CNN’s blog post.

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