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Sleep Trivia: Five Unusual Slumber Stats

Do you think sleep is all shut eye, no excitement? Think again: It's time for sleep trivia.

  • Q. How many hours of sleep does Mariah Carey require before a performance?
    A. 15 hours
  • Q. What percentage of the population sleep walks?
    A. 15 percent
  • Q. How many hours of sleep does a new parent lose in the first year of his/her child’s life?
    A. 1,055.6 hours
  • Q. How many hours of sleep does a giraffe need per day?
    A. 1.9 hours
  • Q. How much does the world’s largest sleeping bag weigh?
    A.79 kilograms or about 174 pounds
  • Q. How long did Leonardo Da Vinci sleep each day?
    A. 15 minute power naps every four hours

These stats are part of Sleepy’s 30 insane facts about sleep. To make your head spin even more, read all 30 facts here.

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