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Lighting from Electronics Makes Sleep Difficult

Going to bed with your cell phone in hand and computer and TV on may be causing minor sleep deprivation. Studies show that the blue light emitted by these electronic devices can be the cause of sleepless nights.

“In that hour before bedtime, there are millions of Americans who are getting exposed to bright light, blue light from their computer screens or television screens,” said Dr. Russell Rosenberg, CEO of Atlanta School of Sleep Medicine (, in an interview with FOX News Latino.

Dr. Rosenberg said the blue wavelength that these various devices give off, trigger a person’s inner alarm clock, leading the body to think it is time to wake up. The light exposure also tells the brain to stop producing melatonin, which is needed for sleep.

Dr. Rosenberg recommends turning devices off at least an hour before sleep. He also suggests not checking them or turning them on if sleep is disrupted in the middle of the night.

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