ThermalStrike LightsOut Lab-In-A-Bag Pesticide Efficacy Kit


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  • Lab-in-A-Bag Pesticide Efficacy Kit helps identify the most effective insecticides and pest control methods for a pest infestation, especially when treating bed bugs
  • Easily test different compounds, formulations of a compound and treatment methods
  • Contains re-usable, stackable evaluation dishes for collection and confinement of bed bugs
  • Use the included soft-tipped forceps to easily collect and transfer bed bugs into evaluation dishes without harming them
  • Interchangeable substrates are included that represent materials on which bed bugs typically reside (furniture and bedding fabric substrates are porous to pesticides, wood is less absorptive)
  • Built-in cold pack and insulated cooler design aides in the safe transportation of live specimens
  • Lab-in-a-Bag Kit includes: Insulated bag, stackable evaluation dishes, interchangeable substrate inserts (wood, upholstery & bedding fabric), magnifying glass, forceps, applicator brush, grease pencil, cooling pack
  • Additional substrates are available for purchase (sold separately)
  • Developed in collaboration with entomologists at the University of Kentucky

Pesticide Efficacy Kit

Lab-in-a-Bag helps you select the most effective insecticides and pest control method, especially for bed bug treatment.

Easy Pest Control Efficiency Testing

Between species, strains and infestations, pesticide efficacy can vary considerably. Lab-in-A-Bag was developed to provide rapid testing and insight in the field, helping pest control managers choose the best insecticide to kill bed bugs and other pests.

Every Pest Infestation is Different

No two bed bug infestations are identical in their susceptibility to insecticides. Studies have found tremendous variation in effectiveness, even using different formulations of the same compound across different substrates (fabric, wood, etc.) Lab-in-a-Bag helps identify which products are most effective against a particular infestation.

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