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50 Reasons To Protect Your Bed

Your Bed Isn't Protected Yet?

There Are Over 50 Reasons Why.

Prevent stains, stop pests and sleep healthy by following the steps below:

1. Protect Your Pillow

Protect Your Pillow

2. Protect Your Mattress

Protect Your Mattress

3. Encase Your Bed

Encase Your Bed

"After 2 years, 10% of the weight of a two year old pillow can be composed of dead mites and their

- Ohio State University Research

1. Protect Your Pillow

Your pillow is the place where you rest your head each night.  It comes in intimate contact with your face, nose and mouth. It’s also highly absorbent and can contain dead skin, dust mites, drool, spills and allergens.

"By adding a mattress protector, you're protecting yourself from the billions of bacteria
— sweat, lint, dust mites, animal dander, mucous, soil, sand, cosmetics, food,
and insect parts, to name a few — that you'd otherwise be breathing in every night."

- Business Insider

2. Protect Your Mattress

Accidents happen, and even when they don’t, unprotected mattresses collect all manner of waste each night. Protect your sleep with the right mattress protector.

"You can wake up in the morning with a stuffy nose and think, 'I wonder why I'm so stuffed up.' In reality it's your bedding."

- Phillip Tierno, Microbioligist - New York University

3. Encase Your Bed

By encasing your mattress and box spring, you not only eliminate the possibility of bed bugs and other pests penetrating and living in your bed, but with the certified asthma and allergen-friendly™ AllerZip encasement, you can prevent allergens and asthma triggers like dustmites and mold.

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