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Miracle Membrane

Miracle Membrane


Miracle Membrane® 101

If you're interested in sleeping cooler, cleaner and quieter while ensuring both you and your mattress are protected from allergens and spills, read more about Protect-A-Bed's Miracle Membrane below. It will change the way you sleep.

What is Miracle Membrane?

Protect-A-Bed’s Miracle Membrane is a proprietary fabric technology that adds a waterproof layer of air permeable protection to bedding products. Unlike other waterproof materials, Miracle Membrane is ultra-thin, flexible, smooth and quiet. It allows both air and vapor to pass easily through its pores, so the products it is intended to protect, like mattresses and pillows, can breathe, keeping you cool and dry. Lab tested, the Miracle Membrane is proven to prevent the passage of allergens like dust mites, pollen, mold, and mildew, while also halting bed bugs and their bites.


Not only designed for a healthy sleep environment, but to also to extend the life of your mattress and pillows, the Miracle Membrane stops spills, sweat, pet accidents and incontinence from reaching your bed. This protection increases the lifespan of pillows and mattresses and preserves your mattress warranty.


Types of Waterproof Protection Products

Miracle Membrane waterproof protection comes in various configurations for several types of products:

Six-Sided Mattress Protection

AllerZip mattress and pillow encasements offer Miracle Membrane protection on all sides of the products they protect. This ensures that dust mites, allergens and bed bugs cannot enter protected products from any angle. It also prevents spills that drip down the sides of the mattress from reaching and staining the encased mattress.

Five-Sided Mattress Protection

Ideal for incontinence and spill related protection, Ice five-sided mattress protectors shield both the top and sides of the mattress with Miracle Membrane. This ensures that when accidents happen, liquids that trickle down the sides of the protector do not penetrate the mattress, which can stain the mattress and ruin a warranty.

Single-Sided Mattress Protection

Top surface Miracle Membrane mattress protection is the most common and affordable type of mattress protection product. A top layer of Miracle Membrane safely shields the top of the mattress from the penetration of liquids, like sweat, incontinence and the occasional spill, while ensuring dust mites and other allergens cannot enter or exit the mattress via the top. This helps block the sleeper from breathing in allergens or dust mites lurking in the mattress.

Pillow Protection

The Miracle Membrane is available for pillow covers to block dust mites, sweat and stains from penetrating your pillow. Lay your head down on clean, hygienic pillows at night and rest peacefully.

Developed to provide protection for both mattresses and pillows, Miracle Membrane is essential to whole bed cleanliness, peace of mind, and protection.


Dust Mite & Allergen-Proof Bedding

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