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Functional wellness is a practical solution which maintains health and hygiene. Protect-A-Bed products are manufactured with fabrics that have been combined with our proprietary Miracle Membrane®. These fabrics are waterproof, yet cool, quiet, breathable and comfortable to sleep on while keeping your mattresses, box springs and pillows clean and protected from human moisture, allergens, accidents and pest infestations.


WELLNESS is a key focus to help your hotel guest sleep well!

Many hotels already offer elements of a wellness lifestyle including foods, fitness, spa treatments and sleep programs, because today's guests are scheduling vacations for the betterment of their body, mind and soul. They are seeking hotels with health and wellness offerings to ensure a good night sleep and improve their health and well-being. They value sleep as the largest source of health, vitality, performance and success.


How can hotels improve a guest's sleep?

A typical guest spends 40% of their stay in bed so they are actively seeking hotels that address sleep quality. Hotels have responded by offering everything from special mattresses, pillow menus, high-thread count linens, and a focus on waterproof mattress and pillow protection.


Protect-A-Bed's mattress protection help attract guests focused on wellness!

By using mattress protection, hoteliers can offer guests a top-notch healthy sleep environment, free from liquid damage including spills or bodily fluids. Encasements also prevent allergens like dust, dust mites, dead skin and mold. Guests get what they want - wellness while sleeping. And hoteliers protect their valuable mattress and pillow investments.

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