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The Key to Successful Stays

Protect-A-Bed is now part of Focus Hospitality.

Focus Hospitality is pleased to announce the acquisition of Protect-A-Bed to our family of brands. Focus Hospitality, best known for the Hookless® shower curtain, partners with hotel chains and designers to develop their brand specifications and find solutions for everyday problems at the property. We focus on manufacturing functional, high-quality products designed for the rigors of the hospitality industry. This acquisition significantly expands our textiles presence in the hospitality market, adding to the strong brand assortment of Hookless®, Hooked®, SureFit®, Crescent Suites®, The Arc Bar® and now Protect-A-Bed®.

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The Protect-A-Bed Difference

Protect-A-Bed products shield your mattress from stains, spills, pests and allergens. Our products extend the life of your assets, while improving comfort and hygiene for your guests.

Fit is Everything

Our encasements provide accurate snug fit for your mattress. The better the fit, the better sleep experience provided to your guest. Snug fit also offers early detection of bed bug infestations. Other products leave excess fabric which create a breeding ground for bed bugs and is uncomfortable to the guest.

Waterproof Miracle Membrane® Fabric Technology

Protect-A-Bed's products feature Miracle Membrane, a protective backing that creates a waterproof, air vapor-porous layer designed to sleep cool, comfortable and quiet. Miracle Membrane blocks the passage of dust mites, allergens, pests, and human contaminants, while allowing air to flow freely. This ensures comfort, cleanliness and extends the life of an expensive, yet vulnerable asset.

Lab-certified Bed Bug Protection

Secures the 3-sided micro tooth zipper system at the end point of the closure with a safety trench and cable tie lock.  This assures the mattress stays both bed bug entry and escape proof.

Quality Contruction

Protect-A-Bed's double stitched seams, allergen flap, and 3-sided micro-toothed zipper provide commercial grade construction that has been tested to withstand up to 200 wash cycles.  Our products are durable, effective and maintain a healthy, hygienic, comfortable sleep environment while protecting assets.

A Clean, Comfortable and Healthy Bed

Protect-A-Bed products are pesticide free, so guests with compromised immune systems feel safe. Stay cool, and enjoy a great night's sleep with the ultimate mattress and pillow protection.

Certified Quality You Can Trust

Protect-A-Bed mattress and pillow covers are certified Asthma & Allergy friendly™ by the Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America (AAFA), FDA Class I Medical Devices, have earned the Good Housekeeping Quality Seal of Approval, and are certified by an
Entomology-Laboratory to be completely bed bug proof.

Improve Sleep Quality. Improve Star Ratings.

"I used Protect-A-Bed products in all 3 of my properties. My mattresses stay
clean. My brother uses them too in all of his hotels. It’s a great product!"

Sam Patel, Virginia Beach, VA

"We have used Protect-A-Bed products over 10 years! It is good quality and keeps my mattress clear."

Charlie Patel, Champaign, IL

"Excellent bedding and mattress. We came here for a conference. We had
such a restfull night's sleep here, which is ultimately the goal above all else."

Reviewed April 1, 2016

Protect-A-Bed attracts Guest’s focus on wellness.

By using Protect-A-Bed products, hoteliers offer guests, a healthy sleep environment, free from liquid damage including spills or bodily fluids. Encasements also prevent entry of allergens, dust mites, dead skin and mold.  Guests get what they want - wellness while sleeping.  And hoteliers protect their valuable mattress and pillow investments.

Get to know us better

With a 192,000 square-foot warehouse, same day shipping, and the industry's best products, Protect-A-Bed is a leader in sleep technology.  Watch our video to learn more.

Hospitality FAQs

Customer Challenges

  1. Bed bugs, lice and flea infestations
  2. Children, aging population, pets, accidents, spills resulting in soiled and contaminated mattresses
  3. Trip advisor and other electronic sites reporting lack of hygiene issues which result in negative revenue/reputation impact.
  4. Incontinence, hygiene maintenance, asset protection, quality of guest experience, and bedbug challenges are daily mattress concerns.
  5. Excessive demand/costs on housekeeping labor and cleaning supplies.
  6. Lost room revenue due to down time when mattresses are cleaned.
  1. Mattresses are exposed to various forms of contamination; moisture due to human accidents and bodily fluid penetration; pest infestation such as fleas, bedbugs and lice; allergens such as skin cells and dust mites; Exposure to allergy infections, mold, bacteria and fungus present within the mattress, resulting in an unhealthy sleep environment.
  2. Above issues cause increased attrition resulting in expensive, premature asset replacement.
  3. Increased exposure to bedbugs by guests and staff.

Question to Consider

  1. What product you are using to protect your mattresses from human and pest contamination?
  2. Are you satisfied with the performance of the product?
  3. If you could purchase a product that extends mattress life, maintains mattress hygiene, minimizes labor, chemical and water cleaning costs, is cool, clean, quiet and comfortable to sleep on, enhances the guests' sleep experience, and protects the mattress from bed bugs and human accidents at a reasonable cost, would you be interested?
  1. Protects the mattress from allergens, and human and pest contamination.
  2. Early detection device for bed bugs.
  3. Extends the life of a vulnerable asset.
  4. Minimizes housekeeping labor, chemical, and water costs.
  5. Offers the hotel ownership and management peace of mind knowing their guests' healthy sleep environment is assured.
  6. Sleeps cool and comfortable and quiet.
  7. Pesticide free; Easy to install.
  8. Commercial grade construction, tested up to 200 wash cycles.
  9. FDA Approved Class 1 Medical Device, Asthma and Allergy Foundation Certified, GoodHousekeeping Seal.

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