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What are Authorized Dealers?

At Protect-A-Bed, we have Authorized Dealers. We do this to protect our customers.

A Protect-A-Bed Authorized Dealer has passed a full background check, and is held to high standards:

  • Operates as a legitimate, registered business
  • Maintain compliance with laws and regulations
  • Honest advertising
  • Keeps your data and privacy safe
  • Commitment to ethical practices

When you buy from a Protect-A-Bed Authorized Dealer., we can guarantee that the product came directly from us. We can guarantee that it is brand new, undamaged, and free from manufacturing defects.

Why Doesn't the Warranty cover Unauthorized Dealers?

A product purchased from an Unauthorized Dealer may have been previously damaged. Sometimes, it's a used product that has been carefully repackaged and sold as new. It might have been discarded or stolen. It might not even be what you ordered.

Unauthorized Dealers have no relationship with Protect-A-bed. We cannot vouch for their integrity. Most importantly, they did not get their products from us. We therefore cannot guarantee the condition of products purchased from unauthorized dealers.

Unauthorized Dealers pop up often on marketplaces like Amazon and eBay. If you are unsure whether someone is an Authorized Dealer, feel free to contact us before making a purchase.

If you are interested in becoming a Protect-A-Bed Authorized Dealer, please contact us at