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MOTIVATE Collection


REM-Fit 100Z Series

REM-Fit 100Z Series

REM-Fit Active

REM-Fit 100Z Series



Exercise and rest are necessary for mental and physical balance. Sleep is essential to help energize and motivate your body for the physical requirements of today’s lifestyle.

All areas of our life weave together, and by bringing them into balance we can find holistic health, so we will always be ready to tackle life’s next challenge.

...but it all begins with a great night of sleep.



Protect-A-Bed® presents the expanded REM-Fit collection, designed to help those with an active lifestyle recover from their daily activities to reach fitness goals and improve overall wellbeing.

REM-Fit's collection features innovative technologies, including Re-Ax Fiber, Re-Ax Unleashed™, Repel Tech, Hi-Flow Knit, Contour Fit, AllerZip®, BreeZTech and Adjustable Comfort Core, featuring support clusters. Click here for more information about the REM-Fit's technologies.


The EXTENDED COLLECTION includes: REST Collection, ENERGIZE Collection, MOTIVATE Collection. 



Rest Collection

The REST Collection features three Hybrid adjustable pillows; Micro Fiber Fill, Memory Foam and Gel Top Memory Foam



REM-Fit 200 Series Pillow

200 Series Pillow

REM-Fit 300 Series Pillow

300 Series Pillow

REM-Fit 400 Series Pillow

400 Series Pillow




Energize Collection


REM-Fit 100 Series

100 Series Waterproof
Fitted Sheet

REM-Fit 200 Series

200 Series Waterproof
Fitted Sheet

REM-Fit 300 Series

300 Series Waterproof
Fitted Sheet

REM-Fit 400 Series

400 Series Waterproof
Fitted Sheet

REM-Fit 100 Series Pillow Protector

100 Series Pillow Protectors

REM-Fit 200 Series Pillow Protector

200 Series Pillow Protectors

REM-Fit 300 Series Pillow Protector

300 Series Pillow Protectors

REM-Fit 400 Series Pillow Protector

400 Series Pillow Protectors

REM-Fit 100Z Series

100Z Series Waterproof
Mattress Encasement

REM-Fit 100Z Series

200K Series Waterproof
Bedding Protection Kit

REM-Fit 100Z Series

300K Series Waterproof
Bedding Protection Kit

REM-Fit 100Z Series

400K Series Waterproof
Bedding Protection Kit