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Protect-A-Bed® is a recognized worldwide leader in mattress protection innovation. Protect-A-Bed products are recognized for creating a dry, hygienic, bed bug free and anti-allergy "Healthy Sleep Zone" while protecting the mattress warranty and keeping them out of landfills. Protect-A-Bed products are listed as Class 1 Medical Devices with the Food and Drug Administration and have received the Good Housekeeping Seal.

Protect-A-Bed's protectors and encasements feature our unique Miracle Membrane®, which keeps your mattresses and pillows free of spills and stains while remaining cool and confortable to sleep on.

Protect-A-Bed developed the world’s first scientifically proven bed bug entry, escape and bite proof mattress encasements featuring the patented BugLock® with SecureSeal® three-sided zipper system.

There are many factors that can affect our health and quality of sleep. While in bed, Protect-A-Bed® offers protection against the following concerns:



Suffering in Allergies


An estimated 50 million Americans (1 in 5) suffer from allergies. On average, we spend one-third of our lives in bed. And the bedroom contains the greatest number of dust mites and pet allergens, which makes it the most important room to allergen-proof.

Sleep is truly important to our general health and well-being. Sleep restores our immune system; it is required for laying down memory, to save our body's energy, to restore mental function and for physical growth.

For us to achieve the healthiest sleep possible, our beds need protection from numerous factors such as bacteria, dust mites, bed bugs, allergens, liquids, body fluids and stains. Many allergic reactions can actually be made worse by our sleep environment.

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Healthcare concerns


Millions of people are affected by incontinence and bedwetting, and the conditions are not discriminate of age or gender. Protect-A-Bed® mattress covers and encasements are completely waterproof and stainproof, featuring the innovative Miracle Membrane®. Our AllerZip® mattress encasements feature a patented BugLock® three-sided zipper and innovative Secure Seal® which completely locks the encasement in place. The AllerZip® mattress encasement is completely allergen escape and entry proof. Fully protect your mattress investment by using Protect-A-Bed® products, and enjoy the benefits of a healthy sleep zone.

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Bed Bug Concerns


Bed bugs do not fly. They move from room to room or from building to building by attaching themselves and their eggs to objects like clothing and suitcases. Once bed bugs are transported to a new location, such as a home, it is very difficult and expensive to remove them. It is important to destroy the bed bugs and eggs before they infiltrate your home.

Female bed bugs are more likely to "hitch-hike" to a new location after mating. A female can lay eggs for several weeks after mating, thus a single bug can lead to an infestation. Bed bug eggs are less than 1mm in length and are nearly impossible to detect on most surfaces.

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Incontinence Concerns


Millions of people are affected by incontinence and bedwetting, and the conditions are not discriminate of age or gender. There are numerous causes of incontinence. Generally, it is divided into four categories: stress, urge, functional and overflow.

Incontinence products are effective at treating most of these categories, but the key is to identify why incontinence is occurring to find the best method of treatment.

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