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Protect-A-Bed Adjustable Pillow System

Protect-A-Bed® Pillow System features an all-natural Eucalyptus based fabric. Eucalyptus fiber is naturally thermo-regulating, keeping you cool in the summer, and warm in the winter. It helps to wick moisture away from the surface, while its hypoallergenic and antibacterial properties provide a clean hygienic sleep zone, perfect for those with sensitive skin. Combined with our Miracle Membrane®, the Luxury Pillow Protector also provides waterproof stain protection, as well as a barrier to dust mites and allergens. Smoother-than-cotton Eucalyptus fibers make for the ultimate silky and soft sleeping surface.

Thermo-Regulating Properties

As we sleep, our body goes through various temperature changes. The thermo-regulating features of the Protect-A-Bed pillow system product helps to even out the body temperature peaks and valleys, and promotes more restful sleep.

Luxuriously Soft and Silky

Eucalyptus fiber is gentler than cotton, stronger than polyester and as soft as silk. A comparison of the fiber surfaces makes the difference obvious; Eucalyptus fiber has a smoother and more supple surface than wool or cotton. It's low fiber stiffness minimizes friction with your skin whether it's damp or dry. The result is an ultra silky feel with minimal irritation, the ideal sleeping surface for sensitive skin.



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