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Protect-A-Bed Pillow Protectors

Protect-A-Bed® waterproof pillow protectors are the gold standard in waterproof and allergy pillow protection. Our Premium, Plush and AllerZip® pillow covers come in a variety of sizes to match any bed. Each pillow protector offers the innovative Protect-A-Bed® Miracle Membrane® with total Heat Transference formula, so that they are 100% waterproof and resistant to stains, while remaining cool and comfortable to sleep on. Our pillow protectors provide a healthy sleep zone solution, enhancing your sleeping comfort while protecting you and your pillow.

Pillow Covers for Healthy, Hygienic Sleep

A Protect-A-Bed Pillow Protector is an essential part of creating your healthy sleep zone. Your pillow is a breeding ground for dust mites, other allergens and bacteria. In fact, it's estimated that the weight of your pillow increases 10% every year due to accumulated detritus from dust mites alone. The Protect-A-Bed® line of pillow covers provide a protective barrier between you and your pillow, helping to prevent these irritants from affecting your health and causing conditions such as rhinitis, asthma and eczema.


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Allerzip Smooth Pillow Protector

AllerZip® Smooth
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Premium Pillow Protector

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Luxury Pillow Protector

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Therm-A-Sleep Cloud Pillow Protector

Therm-A-Sleep Cloud
Pillow Protector