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Bed Bugs 101 for Mobile Devices

Learn about the Bed Bug plague with this FREE app for iPhone and Android. Bed Bugs 101 is your one-stop guide for locating and identifying bed bugs on the go!

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Bed Bugs 101 mobile will help you stay protected wherever you go. Learn everything you need to know about bed bugs and how to recognize them, including details on their appearance and the symptoms they cause. Learn where to look for bed bugs, and  get helpful tips for traveling and bed bug prevention. You can even report an infestation or browse for Protect-A-Bed® bed bug protection productions.


Bed Bug Plague - The Game

The bed Bugs 101 app version for iPhone now features Bed Bug Plague, an exciting new game starring the Protect-A-Bed® Buggersons! Download the entire Bed Bugs 101 app for iPhone and automatically get this brand new, fun and interactive game by Protect-A-Bed®. Place weapons along the path on your screen to help destroy the Bed Bugs before they get to your bed, and earn points and gold along the way. Bed Bug Plague - The only 100% guaranteed way to kill Bed Bugs!