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    All About... Mattress Hygiene

    All About… Mattress Hygiene "There is no single place that challenges a person more immunologically than the mattress and pillow combination. Given that people are in close proximity to their beds for many hours each night, proper mattress hygiene is an important component to healthy sleep. Many product exist to clean living areas and the bathroom, but very few products effectively address the bedroom, the second germiest place in one’s home following the kitchen."

    -Dr.Philip Tierno, noted New York University microbiology professor and author of The Secret Life of Germs.


    The Problem...

    We devote lots of time, care and money to maintaining our high standards of personal hygiene… but we overlook the importance of maintaining our mattress hygiene.

    Would we ever wear the same clothes for one-third of our lives and never remove them for a thorough watching?

    Imagine how filthy and grimy, how full of bacteria and disease, our clothes would be after only months of constant wear' n'tear!

    But we wear our mattresses and pillows for about one-thrid of our lives… and what are we doing to keep them fresh' n'clean?

    Bacteria, insects, harmful diseases and much more… lurk deep inside… and create hazardous sleeping conditions for infants, children, guests and ourselves.

    Kids at weekend sleepovers, visits to out-of-town relatives, teenagers in university dorms… do we ever think about their mattress hygiene?

    Undesirable creatures are reproducing right underneath us, night in, night out… turning our mattresses in breeding grounds for bed bugs and allergens, such as dust mites – all factors that contribute to startling increases in respiratory diseases, including asthma, rhinitis, and even eczema… as well as bed bug bits.


    Some Every Mattress Scenarios

    While enjoying our delicious breakfast in bed… we accidentally spill our coffee and create a pool of moisture on the mattress. As the wetness seeps through our sheets and into our mattress… we have unwittingly provided a new home for mildew and bacteria.

    While infants and toddlers snuggle in bed with their parents… and when household pets jump onto beds depositing mud, fleas and exterior dirt… more wet mementos are usually the result.


    - Some Body 'n' Mattress Scenarios…

    Fluids from normal bodily functions leak through our sheets… escape into our mattress where they remain… and become a contributing cause of respiratory and other ailments.

    Fluids from nursing mothers experiencing leakage, pregnant women breaking water, intimate physical contact, menstruating women, menopausal women with excessive perspiration or sudden bleeding, adolescent boys, men and women experiencing urinary and bowel incontinence.

    Halo rings on our pillows – from the saliva released during sleep and oils from our face and head – invite allergens, such as dust mites, and more.

    Normal perspiration released during sleep at regular room temperature, as well as excessive perspiration in non-air conditioned rooms during very hot weather, contribute to mattress deterioration… and can eventually affect our overall health.

    Urine easily saturates mattresses well beyond the surface area… and cleaning urine from a mattress is very difficult, especially if the urine has penetrated deep into the cloth materials. Along with very unpleasant, persistent odors… this seepage creates ideal conditions for the growth of bacteria.


bed wetting


Whether you or your family have allergies, deal with incontinence or bed wetting, suffer from skin disorders such as eczema or psoriasis, or if you just wish to improve the general hygiene of your sleep environment – Protect-A-Bed's products contains all of the essential tools for complete allergy mattress protection!

However, general comfort and hygiene can be greatly improved with the help of products available from Protect-A-Bed®


Protect-A-Bed's products contain all of the essential tools for complete allergy mattress protection, and promote a healthy and allergy free environment for you and your family!



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