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Protect-A-Bed Brings New Display System to New York

As seen in Furniture World

Protect-A-Bed plans to feature its prominent new modular display system during the New York Home Fashions Market (September 24-27).

Protect-A-Bed recently announced it's planning on featuring a prominent new modular display system during the New York Home Fashions Market (September 24-27) at their showroom in 230 5th Avenue, Suite 916.

“Since launching our new display system in early 2018 the response from our retail partners has been astounding,” says John Rachid, President of Protect-A-Bed. “Not only have we placed 400 displays throughout US retailers, but the feedback in terms of sales and experience has been overwhelmingly positive.”

From small to large, Protect-A-Bed retail partners have seen a positive impact of the new display racking system on their businesses. From helping sales associates frame the sale, to selling a complete sleep system, and positioning pillows to move, the displays deliver the help RSAs need on the sales floor. And what’s more, is that these displays also deliver sales benefits in unassisted environments like mass retail.

“In designing this display system, we took the time and care to clearly communicate the benefits of each product,” says Jared Bell, VP of Corporate Strategy. “Combining the traditional package-based approach to display with an interactive touch and texture experience, we find that shoppers physically engage with a high number of products within our new display systems. It’s this engagement that we see having a large impact on sales.”

The Protect-A-Bed displays are built around both Therm-A-Sleep and Natural Collections. Each feature products with fiber variations which provide different benefits and speak to a different consumer story. While the Naturals Collection is positioned around a healthy, clean and nature-inspired sleep, with Tencel® and other nature-based fibers, Therm-A-Sleep focuses on the story of a cooler, more comfortable sleep.

“In a retail environment, it’s important to speak the language of your consumer. By offering both a natural and a cooling story and products to match, we find that our displays and products connect with consumers at an essential level,” comments James Bell. “Based upon the initial performance of our display system, we anticipate growing success in all manner of retail environments.”

New York Home Fashion Market attendees are invited to 230 5th Avenue, Suite 916 to experience the new display system firsthand. For more information on the company and to schedule an appointment, visit, or contact Alan Eisenberg at or (561)906-8343.

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