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Protect-A-Bed Sees Growth with RSA Education

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Protect-A-Bed recently announced that its training team is celebrating record high engagement and partner success with Protect-A-Bed University, an in-person and online training portal.

Protect-A-Bed’s Director of Training, Jennifer Wright, states “It’s really impressive to see the before/after impact of an effective training program”, says Wright. “Not only do well-trained RSAs present products more confidently, but they connect all the elements of a healthy sleep environment with ease. The increase in accessory attachment rate is really impressive.”

According to Wright, in most sleep stores 5-10% of total sales are composed of accessories. After going through Protect-A-Bed’s in-person and online training portal, Protect-A-Bed University (PABU), stores can expect to see sleep accessory sales climb to comprise over 20% of total product sales. This can lead to tremendous revenue and profit increases.

“Growing the retail basket with accessory sales continues to be key to long-term performance for stores,” says industry veteran and Protect-A-Bed President, John Rachid. “When looking at the entire industry, mattress sales and tickets are in a flat-line pattern, for many retailers adding margin-boosting accessories to each sales ticket will transform the profitability of the business.”

Started as a way to make the case for mattress protection, Protect-A-Bed’s training program has grown to include pitch practice, sales skill sharpening, and a deep partnership with retailers that includes customized sales programs and goal-setting. In early 2014 Protect-A-Bed introduced PABU, the online portal curated with detailed content modules that walkthrough product details, provides around-the-clock access for RSAs across North America and continual updates and new information for certified experts.

“We’ve invested heavily in building our training portal, PABU to deliver the best-in-class digital training experience. Each education module is carefully crafted to not only help inform RSAs about our products but to help them improve their sales skills,” says Wright. “This year alone, the program has grown over 200% and continues to receive stellar feedback. The future looks very bright for the Protect-A-Bed training program.”

“At day’s end, our goal was to create a program that would educate salespeople, and in turn, consumers about the need for and benefits of mattress protection”, says James Bell, CEO of Protect-A-Bed. “What our training program has become is much more than what we intended. It has become a way for us to share the education and culture that has a positive impact on the bedding industry. Given the tremendous impact, training has had on the industry, we will continue to invest in and grow this program.”

To learn more about training and bring the Protect-A-Bed program to your store, visit

More about Protect-A-Bed: Protect-A-Bed is the global leader in mattress protection and through continuous innovation has become the bedding industry leader in sleep technology. First to develop air-vapor-porous mattress protection, Protect-A-Bed has driven innovation throughout the mattress protection category and continues to drive development throughout the top-of-bed industry.

Today, Protect-A-Bed offers a complete line of top-of-bed products, from mattress protection to encasements, pillows, mattresses and sleep technology.  Protect-A-Bed products are available online and through select retailers. Learn more at

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