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Protect-A-Bed bringing SleepTailor system to Home Fashions Market

Excerpted from Furniture Today.

NEW YORK – Sleep accessories supplier Protect-A-Bed is bringing its new SleepTailor pillow diagnostic system to the upcoming Home Fashions Market here. The system is designed to pair customers with premium pillows perfect for their height, body types, and sleeping styles, officials said.

“Our expanded pillow line, which now spans two collections and both fill and firmness variations, this enables us to offer the perfect pillow for practically any sleeper,” said John Rachid, president of Protect-A-Bed. “But all these premium choices cannot translate to the large retail environment without the right displays and tools.”

The solution, Rachid explained, is Protect-A-Bed’s SleepTailor system. SleepTailor is an interactive point of sale kiosk that guides the shopper through a series of questions covering dimensions, personal preferences, and other important details, and then takes an image of the shopper. In real time, SleepTailor then combines multiple data points using a proprietary algorithm and biomechanics model to recommend pillows that provide the alignment and preferences ideal for the user, the company said.

Once the proper model is recommended, the shopper can take the correct pillow from Protect-A-Bed’s newly re-designed and expandable pillow display rack.

“It would be very difficult for a customer to know how variables like height, density, and position will directly affect their head and neck alignment, or overall comfort,” added James Bell, CEO of Protect-A-Bed. “By removing the guesswork, customers can confidently make a purchasing decision, even in a large retail environment, where sales associates may be less present.”

Rachid said that purchasing confidence ultimately translates to increased premium pillow sales for the mass retailer.

“Our philosophy is this: By creating an exceptional experience for consumers, we are doing a service to our retail partners,” Rachid said. “Premium pillows represent a significant opportunity to add incremental profits. Our high-performance pillows, combined with the science of the SleepTailor system, ensure more profit dollars at the register. Then, once the customer uses the product, they will experience a greater degree of comfort and performance than other premium pillow companies can offer. This ultimately leads to a more satisfied customer, and eventually referrals and repeat business for that retailer.”

The Protect-A-Bed showroom is 916, 230 5th Avenue in New York City.

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