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Start This Year with Better Bed Health

After the holidays are over, people often turn focus to their new year's resolutions. Whether they want to lose some weight, learn a musical instrument, or finally get the garage organized, there’s no shortage of self-improvement projects to tackle.

When making your resolutions, don’t forget one of the best ways to improve quality of life: getting better sleep. While often an afterthought, maximizing the benefit of our bedtime can reap real benefits in terms of health, productivity, and overall happiness. Here are some areas to draw attention to:

Clearer skin: While laundering and changing sheets are inconvenient, mashing your face against a dirty pillow for weeks on end is not doing your complexion any favors. Buildup on your pillowcase of facial oils, dirt, and bacteria can lead to blemishes. For better results, launder your bedding at least once per week using hot water (130 to 150 degrees Fahrenheit) to kill germs. If you have extra pillowcases, a helpful tip might be to change those out in the middle of the week.

Better air quality: Sleeping is difficult when you’re sneezing and coughing. To minimize airborne allergens, devise a routine to periodically dust furniture, plus clean the baseboards, blinds, and window sills. If you have hard floors, mop them, while cleaning carpets and rugs using a vacuum cleaner equipped with a HEPA (high-efficiency particulate air) filter. If you have a full-on “spring clean” planned, steam clean the carpet, upholstery, and if possible, the drapes as well. Finally, replace the filter in your home heating and cooling system with (if possible) a HEPA version. In addition, maintaining an indoor humidity between 30 and 50% can reduce the risk of mold and dust mites.

Better sleep conditions: Easy adjustments to your bedroom environment can yield much better sleep. Keeping your indoor humidity between 30 and 50% not only keeps allergens at bay but is more comfortable. In addition, an indoor temperature around 67 degrees Fahrenheit is generally considered the ideal temperature for comfortable sleep. Use these as a starting point, and fine tune for what works best for you. Finally, some people sleep better in pitch darkness, while others do better when there’s some light. If, for example, a streetlight outside your window is making you sleep less soundly than you’d like, invest in different blinds and/or drapes. If you’ve preferred a little ambiance, as well as a way to get to the bathroom without stumbling in the dark, a night light can easily be purchased at a local hardware store.

Allergen-free bed: A clean bedroom is only half of the battle. A bed, if left unprotected, can become a haven for a wide range of allergens, such as dust mites and pollen. Spills can lead to mold, while the buildup of dirt and oils can harbor bacteria. Therefore, installation of (depending on what you have) a mattress protector/mattress encasement, mattress pad protector, box spring protector, and pillow protector/pillow cover can ensure that a host of allergy inducers and sleep inhibitors are not mere inches away from your nose all night.

Prevention of bed bugs: In addition to protecting against allergens and dust mites, a quality mattress encasement and pillow protector can seal out bed bugs, preventing them from biting you during the night and significantly reducing the quality of your sleep.

Management of heat and moisture: While properly adjusting your thermostat is very helpful, you can also enhance sleep with quality sheets that utilize high-tech fabrics. In addition to a soft feel and hypoallergenic material that doesn’t irritate skin, they can help wick away moisture (so you don’t feel clammy) and help keep you cool.

Prevention of neck pain: A supportive mattress is only part of the equation. To fully achieve proper support and correct alignment of your head and neck, a quality pillow is needed as well. Without it, it would be like buying a high-performance sports car with bargain tires. Ultimately, you should choose a pillow that offers the right amount of support and the correct shape for your body type and the way you sleep.

 Here are some proven Protect-A-Bed products that accomplish all of the bedding goals mentioned above, and more:

We’re confident these tips will help improve the quality of your sleep this year…giving you at least one resolution that you can check off as complete!


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