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REM-Fit Offers The Next Evolution Of Sleep Retail

REM-Fit is proud to unveil a unique investment opportunity at the 2018 Consumer Electronics Show (CES). In addition to award-winning sleep technology products, REM-Fit will be showcasing its retail brand stores, which augment existing bedding stores with unsurpassed customer experience, advanced technology, and a line of exclusive sleep products.

“We’ve launched 19 locations across the United States, and our footprint is projected to increase significantly over the next year,” commented Kevin Houston, brand manager. “We’ve been able perfect the model, partner with existing retailers and greatly improve foot traffic and sales by implementing the clicks to bricks program that not only improves product offerings but marketing and digital competencies.”

While the trend in many industries has moved from in-store to online sales, REM-Fit positions itself to connect these two worlds in sleep retail. “Without seeing and touching, it’s nearly impossible to know what you’re going to get. This is especially important in the bedding industry,” said Warrick Bell, VP of product at REM-Fit. “When shoppers visit a store, they not only get to experience the look and feel of the product in person, but they have access to experts and digital tools that can help them find the exact sleep products they need, allowing them to enjoy a level of rest they didn’t realize was possible.”

The REM-Fit brand store display at CES will include bedding, the award-winning ZEEQ Smart Pillow, as well as ZEEQ Wi-Fi and interactive sleep diagnostic technology Sleep Tailor, an in-store display that integrates user input, images and biomechanics models to recommend the optimum sleep products for each user.

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About REM-Fit: REM-Fit is an active lifestyle bedding and technology brand focused on driving the development of sleep technology introduced in 2014. With offerings that include activity and sleep trackers, recovery-enhancing mattresses, high quality bedding and ZEEQ, the world’s first smart pillow, REM-Fit provides full sleep systems designed to improve rest and recovery.

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