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Press Release - Protect-A-Bed Takes the Lead in Digital Marketing Expertise

Protect-A-Bed Takes the Lead in Digital Marketing Expertise

The Future is About Driving Engagement for the Company’s Retail Partners

CHICAGO – With a cutting-edge website, an industry-leading social media reach, and content designed to optimize performance across retailers, Protect-A-Bed is upping the ante with further investment in the online space.

“When we took a hard look at the bedding industry, we realized that our retail partners have strong core competencies around merchandising and sales, but not necessarily in the digital space,” says James Bell, CEO of Protect-A-Bed. “That is precisely why invested in a digital team who can provide the resources and expertise our partners need to offer their consumers a robust Omni-channel shopping experience.”

With backgrounds ranging from Fortune 50 e-commerce, consumer electronics businesses, startups and digital consultancies, the Protect-A-Bed team brings a depth of experience to the creation of online content, promotions, and programs.

A few of the key offerings of this digital team:


  • Photography and Video: In-house video and photography talent utilize cutting-edge equipment and internal studio space to produce high-end photo and video content designed for retailers that attract customers both online and off. These assets are free of charge for all Protect-A-Bed partners.


  • Social Media: Protect-A-Bed leads the bedding protection category with well over 50,000 followers on social channels, while REM-Fit connects with an audience of over 100,000. Regular posting and high engagement means that these channels can drive traffic and increase sales both on and offline. As a part of the Marketing Toolkit available to all retailers, Protect-A-Bed and REM-Fit provide ready to use social media posts and imagery.


  • Content and Copy: Good content drives traffic and creates an audience. That is why Protect-A-Bed generates thousands of new leads a month and has risen to the top of search engines like Google for bedding industry keywords. Retail partners like Mattress Firm are currently using Protect-A-Bed content for their websites, and all partners can leverage this content free of charge.


  • Share of Sale: The innovative Web Commerce Program offered to REM-Fit brand stores provides stores with commissions on online purchases in their area. This means that not only do partners get to leverage the Protect-A-Bed team’s digital expertise, but REM-Fit brand partners can earn commissions for online sales, without setting up their own website.


  • Expert Digital Team: With features on, guest speaking engagements at national digital and retail conferences and a track record of success across multiple industries. The Protect-A-Bed digital team has the talent to help retail partners increase performance both online and in store.

“The first and foremost thing on our mind is always How to Grow the Retail Basket”, comments John Rachid, President of Protect-A-Bed. “The purpose of investing in industry-leading digital is to provide better materials, leads, and expertise to our customers. This investment has allowed us to drive sales to our brick and mortar retailers, and increase performance across the board. We know that consumers who shop both online and in brick and mortar spend 20% more than in brick and mortar alone, so it’s essential for us to bring these destinations together.”

To learn about opportunities to boost on and offline performance by partnering with Protect-A-Bed, interested parties are encouraged to visit

About Protect-A-Bed:

Protect-A-Bed is the global leader in mattress protection and through continuous innovation has become the bedding industry leader in sleep technology. First, to develop air-vapor-porous mattress protection, Protect-A-Bed has driven innovation throughout the mattress protection category and continues to drive development throughout the top-of-bed industry.

Today, Protect-A-Bed offers a complete line of top-of-bed products, from mattress protection to encasements, pillows, mattresses and sleep technology.

Protect-A-Bed products are available online and through select retailers. Learn more at

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