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Excerpted from By Breharne

I’ve been sleeping on something new… Protect-A-Bed‘s famous mattress protector has been busy, soaking up sweat and protecting me from gross creepy crawlies!

My bed is as busy as the Boxing day sales! Every day, all night long, my 2 daughters are either coming, going or both! And I don’t know about you but, embarrassingly, mattress protectors have never been a priority for me. I thought they were purely cosmetic with no real purpose. That all changed when I attended the Kids Business Slumber Session a couple of weeks ago.

I learned about all the horrors that lurk in our bedding! Ignorance definitely was bliss. Let me share with you some disgusting facts about our bedding.

  • Every night, humans sweat up to 1L of bodily fluids. So, in my case, if I multiply that by the number of people that are generally squished into my bed. Up to 4L of bodily fluids are absorbed into my mattress on any given night! *shudder*
  • After 5 years, half the weight of your mattress can be made up of bodily fluids, skin cells, mold and bacteria!
  • Dust mites breed in unprotected mattresses and are a major cause of asthma and allergies.

If those facts aren’t enough to make you open a new tab and buy a Protect-A-Bed mattress protector than I don’t know what will.

I’ve been roadtesting the Protect-A-Bed Traditional Cotton Quilted Mattress Protector that I was gifted at the Kids Business, Slumber Session event.

My first impression was that it’s pretty fancy compared to other mattress protectors I’d seen. It isn’t just a clumpy piece of cotton sheet with 2 huge elastic bands to secure it under your mattress. It’s fitted and a thick quality cotton that secures to your mattress the same way as a fitted sheet. Also, it has a quilted texture which adds to the comfort when lying on it. And did you know the Protect-A-Bed mattress protectors don’t need a fitted sheet on top! You can sleep comfortably right on top of the mattress protector!

I’m so relieved that I was introduced to Protect-A-Bed. Now I know that I am protecting my family from gross stuff and allergens even when they sleep. And with miss 2 about to start toilet training, I will be investing in the waterproof mattress protectors for nighttime accidents as well as their pillow protectors (I don’t think pillows are meant to be YELLOW)! If you want to protect your family with quality bedding, I recommend Protect-A-Bed. Use the code SYDNEYMUMS at checkout to enjoy FREE SHIPPING when shopping online.

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