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Trends From Market: Fall 2017 High Point

Excerpted from Sleep Retailer
Protect-A-Bed; Sleep TailorProtect-A-Bed

With a wide range of available materials and technologies, today’s pillow market is more advanced—and varied—than ever before. As new pillow options continue to deliver more meaningful sleep benefits, retailers can reap the benefits of higher price points. But with added choice can come added confusion, especially for the average consumer. Thankfully, Protect-A-Bed’s new Sleep Tailor can help retailers simplify the pillow shopping experience. This interactive sales tool uses proprietary algorithms and biomechanics model to measure and analyze multiple data points, ultimately delivering top suggestions for which pillows will provide the proper amount of comfort and support. When promoted by a retailer, Sleep Tailor can serve as a compelling reason for consumers to actually go to a brick-and-mortar location—and ultimately creates a more enjoyable shopping experience once they arrive.


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