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New mid-priced, premium models to greet bedding buyers

Also taking a new High Point showroom is Protect-A-Bed, which had shared a space with Therapedic, but now moves into a 5,000-square-foot space in the IHFC, M-633.

“High Point is still the seat of the furniture industry, and as we continue to rapidly expand our offerings, this new showroom provides an opportunity for us to walk retailers through the myriad of products and services we offer,” said John Rachid, Protect-A-Bed’s president.

The company’s new showroom will spotlight Protect-A-Bed’s Grow the Retail Basket strategy, feature integrated displays, including new Pillow Stack displays, introduce quarterly promotions, provide a look inside one of the company’s new REM-Fit Brand Stores, introduce the biometric Sleep Tailor pillow-fitting technology, and highlight the ZEEQ Smart Pillow, now available to bedding retailers.

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