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BDNY Press Release - ZEEQ Smart Pillow

Excerpted from Western Hotelier

Chicago (10/7/2017) – Protect-A-Bed, the leader in products that enhance healthy sleep, will spice up the 2017 Boutique Design New York Trade Fair (BDNY) with its revolutionary ZEEQ® Smart Pillow. This unique product from Protect-A-Bed’s REM-Fit line, which combines cutting-edge fabrics and materials with smart capabilities, can be seen in booth 163.

The 8th-annual event takes place November 12-13 at the Jacob J. Javits Center in New York, and “…brings interior designers, architects, purchasing agents and hospitality owners/developers together with manufacturers and marketers of high-caliber design elements for hospitality interiors.”

“This will mark Protect-A-Bed’s 3rd showing at BDNY and to underline our commitment to constant innovation and unparalleled quality, we’ve decided to bring a special product to the show,” says Sandra Divito, Vice President of Hospitality for Protect-A-Bed. “While our crowd-gathering protection demos will continue, we’ve opted to give the industry a first-hand look at sleep innovation through the ZEEQ Smart Pillow”.

Designed and launched via Kickstarter in 2016, the ZEEQ Smart Pillow has won multiple design and innovation awards due to its high-tech approach to sleep enhancement. At the core of ZEEQ is smart technology that not only provides feedback on the quality and duration of your sleep via app, but it allows the pillow to play music and audio only the user can hear, as well as stop snoring by detecting it, and vibrating to encourage the user to change positions. Featuring a Tencel® exterior and adjustable memory foam fill, ZEEQ combines comfort with high-tech innovation. “When people use ZEEQ, they are blown away by the comfort and usefulness of the smart pillow”, says Divito.

A manufacturer of bedding protection, pillows, mattresses and more, Protect-A-Bed has been a global leader in sleep products for over a decade. Over the years, Protect-A-Bed’s presence has grown within the hospitality industry, ensuring a clean, comfortable and healthy sleep environment for millions of guests. “Hotel guests spend the majority of their time in bed, so what portion of the stay would require more attention than sleep?” says Protect-A-Bed CEO, James Bell. “Our commitment to providing the support, quality and innovative products that the hospitality industry requires is unmatched.”

BDNY Show attendees are encouraged to visit the Protect-A-Bed booth (163) in the Jacob K. Javits Convention Center during trade fair hours (10:00 a.m.-5:00p.m.) November 12th & 13th. The team will demo mattress protection, discuss multiple programs and feature the ZEEQ Smart Pillow.

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