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Furniture Today - REM-Fit, by Protect-a-Bed, Outlines the Benefits of a Brand Store

REM-Fit, by Protect-a-Bed, outlines the benefits of a brand store

One of the most effective ways to differentiate your company and elevate your business is to install a brand store.

A brand store is a space specifically dedicated to carrying a brand’s products, displays and messaging within an existing retail store. The space design and products are controlled by the brand themselves, allowing them to bring their own outlook, full product line, and expertise into the main retailer’s business, while the sales floor is staffed and run by the retailer’s existing salespeople.

When a retailer partners with a brand through the brand store concept, they can sell a better vision, tell a better story and work together to amplify marketing reach. Retailers can count on consistent inventory, merchandising support, space build-out and display when adding a brand store to their location. And the retail sales team is re-energized, with a clear focus on what and how to sell.

Branding, display and story play a role in the visual communication of the space. While these draw eyes and curiosity, brand stores feature unique, innovative products that solve real problems. These products are a key driver of consumer engagement, and provide a reason for consumers to come back to the store. Retailers that carry REM-Fit’s innovative products see an increase in foot traffic. When positioned and paired with other products within the same brand store, it becomes clearer to consumers how additional products like sleep accessories and technology, can amplify their rest and recovery when used in conjunction with products like pillows and mattresses.

The REM-Fit brand store program offered by Protect-A-Bed is currently featured in retail locations like Mattress Firm and the Back Store -- in fact a total of 15 retailers across the US and UK. In the REM-Fit Brand Store Program, sales training support, marketing and promotions, quick-ship inventory, custom store design, and increased margins are part of the comprehensive brand store package. If these retailers are benefitting, so, too, can retailers like Robert Jefferson Home Furnishings.

A brand store can benefit your business in four powerful ways:

Differentiate from the competition. If your retail store looks very similar to your direct competitor’s store, the solution could be as simple as adding a brand store.

A brand store provides retailers with differentiated products, engaging displays and a brand story. They make it convenient for consumers looking for multiple products, and give your store something new, different and desirable for consumers to look forward to.

Drive traffic. Plain and simple, retailers want traffic, and a brand store provides a successful way to increase it.

Through marketing support that is comprised of consistent messaging across multiple mediums, a brand store provides even small retailers with an omni-channel presence. This aligned presence increases targeted foot traffic to stores and assists in preloading sales by increasing the amount of genuinely interested shoppers at a given brand store location.

A brand store can also become a consumer destination, which will help drive even more traffic. Consumers will come to your retail store because they know they can find the brand they’re looking for. And because they’re already in your store, they may be more likely to find products from multiple areas of your store that complement each other.

Increase accessory sales. While higher ticket items get the lion’s share of space, add-ons are often pushed to the side or the corner and not integrated into the sale.

If accessories aren’t visible, it makes it harder for salespeople to naturally integrate them into a sale. A brand store positions accessories as part of the buying process, increasing the attachment rate and average whole sales tickets.

For example, a brand store in a mattress shop can help increase accessory sales because it’s focused on selling complete sleep solutions. By employing a strong brand story, a brand store is able to transform a mattress purchase into a sleep solution purchase.

Grow margins. Raise your hand if you want more money. I think we all would, and a brand store can be a powerful tool for growing margins and increasing profit.

Unlike stock retail purchases, brand stores signify a commitment from the retailer to both sell and represent the brand. As such, retailers who have a brand store enjoy larger margins on sales than traditional stock buy retailers.

Adding a brand store to your retail space is easier than you think. Here’s the simple process:

  • Once approved, a brand store is up and running in 4 to 6 weeks
  • Throughout the process, the REM-Fit team provides end-to-end build-out management
  • Actual construction is completed in 1-2 days, with minimal business interruption
  • Products are shipped and stocked quickly ensuring consistent in-stock
  • Graphics, video and image updates are provided regularly to ensure a fresh look
  • Programmatic marketing support starts driving traffic right away

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