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Setting a Good Back-to-School Bedtime Routine

With the summer winding down and many schools already beginning to reopen, parents are putting away the swim towels and heading out to buy school supplies as they prepare for the back-to-school season.

An easily-overlooked part of that preparation is sleep training. After months of cookouts, vacations and inconsistent bedtime routines, it’s no wonder that making the transition back to the classroom can be a tricky one.

Our own Rose Hudecki recently featured on Mattress Firm’s Daily Doze Blog as she shared a handful of simple tips to help your family get back into the groove.

One of the most important ones…Ensure their room is a Healthy Sleep Zone. One of the best things you can do to promote quality rest for your kids is to keep their room clean and distraction-free. Using high-quality mattress and pillow protectors will prevent allergens, dust mites and other irritants from gathering. That’s especially true as we approach another fall allergy season. In addition, lowering the thermostat and blocking out external lights and sounds will go a long way.

Check out the rest of her tips here.

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