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Spring Cleaning Tips to Avoid Allergies and Sleep Better

Thanks to El Nino, many people around the country enjoyed very mild weather during this past winter. Chicago, for example, saw its 14th-warmest meteorological winter since 1872. While the balmy weather made things a bit more enjoyable outside, CBS News reported the 2016 spring allergy season has arrived earlier and is hitting harder than in years past as a result.

Our CEO, James Bell, was recently featured on Mattress Firm's Daily Doze Blog to share some easy spring cleaning tips to help you stay sneeze-free this season:

  • Protect your mattress pillows. A critical part of ensuring a healthy sleep zone is using mattress and pillow protection. Since your bed can often be a breeding ground for dust mites, other allergens and bacteria, protecting your pillow and mattress will provide a barrier for you, and help prevent allergy symptoms and sleep deprivation.
  • Keep tabs on indoor humidity level. Mold thrives in moisture. Since it can be a common trigger for many who suffer from spring allergies, adjusting the humidity level in your home can make a big difference. If your home doesn’t have a built-in dehumidifier, you can use exhaust fans or portable dehumidifiers to keep moisture at bay. We recommend keeping your humidity level at or just below 50 percent.

To see Jame's full list of helpful spring cleaning tips, "To see James' full list...".

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