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Essential Potty Training

In the time-consuming world of potty training, you can never be too prepared. Making sure your child has the necessary tools to make this big life change is more than half the battle. Here are a few essential items you’ll want to have for your child and your bathroom.

For your child:

  1. Mattress Protectors: Let’s face it…accidents will happen. And there are few things worse for you or your child than having to get up in the middle of the night to change the sheets. If they are quality mattress protectors, they will be completely waterproof on the top surface, but will not change the feel of your child’s mattress. They should be completely air vapor porous, allowing body heat to pass through the surface, and keeping them cool and comfortable all night long. Consider a Potty Training Protection Kit for complete peace of mind that your mattresses will remain dry and protected.
  2. Training Underpants: As your child transitions through the different stages of potty training, these underpants will help them realize they’ve gone to the bathroom as they feel the wetness (unlike diapers). However, they are absorbent so that there are no leaks on the floor. Better still, these underpants come in washable or disposable – so you can choose whatever works best in your house.
  3. Reward System / Progress Chart: Being able to go potty on their own is a big accomplishment for children. And while it may take a while to be accident-free, feeling and watching their progress can go a long way. Offering rewards and allowing your child to chart their success will help them get a sense of pride when they have gone potty correctly.

For your bathroom:

  1. Kid-friendly hand soap: Part of the often-overlooked elements of the potty training process is hygiene. Instead of the standard soap bar or plain-smelling soaps, kids enjoy the foaming bubbles. They’re typically inexpensive and make kids look forward to washing their hands after using the bathroom.
  2. Potty Seat: These can be less intimidating to your child than a traditional toilet. Often decorated with cartoon characters and welcoming colors, potty seats are available as stand-alone items or attachable add-ons for your existing toilet.
  3. Step Stool: When they are ready to use the real toilet on their own, you can make your child’s life easier by giving them a stepping stool to get into the right position. In addition, this helpful tool will give them a boost when needing to reach the sink and soap to wash their hands.

By taking advantage of these essential tools, you will help your child’s potty training transition be that much smoother.

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