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ThermalStrike Expedition Heat Bed Bug Treatment

  • Brand: Protect-A-Bed

ThermalStrike Expedition Bed Bug Heat Treatment is the simplest and most cost effective heat treatment system available. We focused on a design that is 100% effective, safe to operate, and simple.

Bed Bugs do not fly. They move from room to room or from building to building by attaching themselves and their eggs to things like clothing, travel products and suitcases. Once bed bugs are transported to a new location, it's very difficult and expensive to remove them. To avoid bringing bed bugs home, ThermalStrike White Box should be used proactively to reduce the chance of bringing bed bugs home.

ThermalStrike Expedition Bed Bug Heat Treatment Covers:

  • Protect your home by stopping bed bugs at the door
  • Chemical-free alternative that kills 100% of bed bugs and eggs
  • Dual safety circuits to protect your home, suitcase, and garment
  • Easy to setup, reusable and collapsible for easy storage
  • Treatment time generally 8 hours or less
  • Interior Space: 31" x 17" x 21"

- This product is assembled in U.S.A. -